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Your LOCAL Agent - "I buy Vets beers!"


1,237 Beers Donated to Deseving Veterans

$10,974 Raised for Patriot's Landing

Vets & Brews is an easy way for an individual to show their support for our Veterans. Every $10 donation buys a pint of beer for a Veteran & the remaining balance goes to Patriot's Landing!


My name is Matt DeMaris.  I am a real estate agent with OwnerLand Realty & I came up with Vets & Brews in October, 2019. My goal is to get enough donations so that I can buy as many local veterans as possible a delicious craft beer from different local breweries!  I will give them out during events or any time I meet a Veteran while I'm out & about exploring our amazing Cincinnati craft beer scene.  I think it is a simple way to say "Thank you" that any beer-loving Veteran would enjoy. If you have an upcoming Veteran event at a brewery, don't hesitate to reach out to me. If I'm available...I'd love to show up & buy some Veterans a brew!

When donating, you can leave your first name & city in the comments section so the Veteran knows who the beer came from.  Or, just leave it blank to donate anonymously. I will hand each receiving veteran the card pictured below with their beer so they know who it came from.  I'll ask them to snap a pic, post it on social media, & use the provided hashtags so people can see who's receiving these donations & to promote this effort. 


I've partnered with Patriot's Landing & we are in the process of creating a team that will focus on promoting Vets & Brews all over the Tri-State area...& beyond.  We still need your help though!  If you ended up on this page & you like this idea, please don't hesitate to copy this link & send it to everybody you know to help us spread the word.  Our goal is to take this to a national level until every Vet across the US has received a donated pint!  Vets & Brews offers anyone/everyone an affordable option to contribute to an amazing local Veteran-focused cause, in Operation Honor.

If you would like to make a donation, please click on the above button.  Click HERE to learn more about Patriot's Landing & their mission.  Thank you for your participation & please don't forget to share this with everyone you know. 



Matt DeMaris

Real Estate Agent

OwnerLand Realty

(513) 600-7824


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*$1 of each donation goes towards marketing this effort

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