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V.E.T. (Veteran Entrepreneur Tour)

Saturday, April 25th

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Join me at the 2nd V.E.T. event!  The last event at 50 West was a HUGE success so we've decided to take this event across the creek to Alexandria Brewing Company (ABC). I'm really excited about this one & I'm hopeful we can build off the success of the last event!

I don't have much info on this one yet, as we're still in the planning stages so please stay tuned.  I know the date & that several of the Veteran-owned businesses from the last event will be participating in this one as well.  I look forward to seeing them again & meeting other (new) businesses at this event. Stay tuned & mark your calendar!

Cincy Brewery DOLLAR Auction

Auction Logo.jpg

Saturday, July 18th

2:00pm - 5:00pm

We're setting up at BC's Bottle Lodge in Montgomery for this one-of-a-kind auction!  Spots will be limited due to space & we'll keep you posted when tickets become available. If you love our local craft don't want to miss this!!!!


Attendees will be able to bid on "Brewery Boxes" filled with swag, certificates, & goodies from breweries all over our great city!  Each box will contain $80 - $100 worth of contents from each brewery.  Attendees can bid $1 for each "Brewery Box" & can win multiple boxes throughout the auction. We plan on having at least 30 "Brewery Boxes" for the auction & we're already getting close to hitting that goal.  Stay tuned for more details & a list of the contents for each "Brewery Box".

Just think about can win $100 worth of local brewery goods for $1!!!!!

Please support the breweries that supported me in 2019!  The following breweries (including Narrow Path) hosted a "Homes & Brews" event in 2019

March First Logo.png
The Common Logo.jpg
Little Miami logo 2B.jpeg
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Queen City - New - GRAY.png


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