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"Brews Traveler" Contest Rules

#1 -

Register Online

#2 -

Visit 3 Breweries & Buy a Beer

#3 -

Take a Pic w/ the Beer

Post it on FB &/or IG

#4 -

#5 -

Use the "Brews Traveler Hashtags"

Facebook - Web Site Sample Pic.jpg


#HomesAndBrews, &

#(The Brewery Name You Are At)

Instagram - Web Site Sample Pic.jpg

Ways to Earn EXTRA Entries

#1 -

Keep Travelin' & Supporting - After the first 3 breweries, you're name is entered once for each additional (different) brewery you visit & complete the above steps. *each brewery can only be used once*

#2 -

Attend a live recording of my "Hustle & Brews" podcast. (worth 2 entries)

Follow me online to find out when these will take place.

#3 -

Attend a "Homes & Brews" event & post a pic with the "Brews Traveler Hashtags" while there. (worth 5 entries - 2 extra entries if you get a pic w/ me) - Follow me online or check "Events" tab on Homes & Brews website

#4 -

Post a pic with the Brews Traveler Hashtags at an out-of-tri-state (OH, KY, IN) brewery. (worth 2 entries total)  

Participants Must/Contest Requirements:

*Register w/ a Valid Email Address & Do Not Unsubscribe from Newsletter     *Be 21 Years of Age or Older     

*Use All 3 Brews Traveler Hashtags on Every Post     *Attend Grand Prize Drawing Event to win     


*Live in the Greater Cincinnati Area     *Like Craft Beer

**Contest Ends When I decide - Usually around October - Follow me to stay informed**

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